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Hey yall, I know I don’t post on here all too much but for those of you who have a Behance account, check it out and ‘appreciate’ my stuff. As I know all of you already do…so do it some more!

Also make sure to check out my instagram for stupid doodles and WIP type stuff: door_to_the_sun

While youre at it, follow me on the twitter for vague references to projects I may or may not be working on, nonsensical rants about commercials amongst other things. Its fun: @j_versoi


5 months ago

So here’s a silly little thing I made

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Newest gig poster for a show at chop suey on the 10th. Our drummer is going to southeast asia for 3 months, hence the theme of this one

I expect all of you to be there

6 months ago



It’s funny this has so many notes. It’s just a screen cap from a VHS tape put on youtube

(via other---voices)

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We’re all stars now, in the dopethrone

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Bear Deluxe issue #35 

Art by me

If you live in Portland you should pick one up. They’re free and awesome. Such a solid little publication

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All the Xmas presents I made this year. See if you can guess them all without looking at the tags

I’m gonna go shove even more gauze in my mouth and take a percoset

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It’s me! Recording bass! With a ponytail!

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I drew Louis C.K.’s big dumb fucking face for the hell of it

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An xmas present for an awesome person. I dunno if I can wait that long to give it away though. Seriously hope they dont see this post.


Also, hey tumblr. Long time no see. I still make art

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New gig poster featuring my crappy band for jerks headlining

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So this is pretty self explanatory

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A little gig poster I made for my band and some friends

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Eyehategod - Dixie Whiskey

for Joey

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